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The Fate Reforged Prerelease January 17-18
Come to the Prerelease for Fate Reforged

Active Imagination Family and Arena and Sunmesa Events present:

Magic: The Gathering Fate Reforged Prerelease

Travel back in time to a war-torn Tarkir where five clans clash with the mighty dragons of the
past. The choices made now will decide the fate of Tarkir. Join us at Active Imagination for
friends, fun, and foils at the Fate Reforged Prerelease!

Dragon Con 2014 Sunmesa Events Offerings
Magic @ Dragon Con

Labor Day weekend once again host Dragon Con! The 2014 version hosts a new logo and a new vibe. Sunmesa Events is back offering Magic: The Gathering, Ascension, Dominion, and 7ft Settlers of Catan. Plus find out how to get Dragon Con's first ever playmat.

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