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Marcelo Vignali Comes to the Combine Prerelease for Magic 2012
Marcelo Vignali Comes to the Combine Prerelease for Magic 2012
Marcelo Vignali Comes to the Combine Prerelease for Magic 2012

Sometimes we invite an artist because they have a huge collection of Magic card illustrations are sure to please our fans. Other times we invite an artist because of the length of time they have worked with a few well placed illustrations across a broad spectrum of cards. Every once in a while we invite a tremendously well respected illustrator who’s card catalog isn’t all that big but has one hugely iconic image. Marcelo Vignali is exactly that artist.

Marcelo doesn’t create a lot of Magic cards. Only 7 images, mostly from Coldsnap, represents his entire MTG portfolio. His real skills at illustration and production design take him to some pretty exclusive clubhouses. Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Theme Parks and Sony Pictures have leaned on Marcelo’s skills. Sony used his infectious enthusiasm & talents for the 2008 animated feature “Surf’s Up.” Vignali earned a 2008 Annie nomination for Best Production Design plus the film was given an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature.

While Marcelo’s skills are not in question what brings him to the Combine Prerelease for Magic 2012 is a singular image. Bird of Paradise has long been a crowd favorite. This amazing card has found it’s way in 13 sets. The tale of the card is fascinating. The image actually caused the creation of the card. Back when Alpha was being illustrated Mark Poole was tasked to create the card Tropical Island. His painting came back with what was considered too much focus on the bird and not enough on the island. Richard Garfield, looking at the picture, promptly created Bird of Paradise to support the image! Thus one of the most iconic cards of Magic was created with an art driven design.

Fast forward 12 sets and Wizards had decided to give the venerable but dated card a makeover. They began by dropping it from the core set for the first time ever. Then reintroducing it with Ravnica: City of Guilds. The artist they tasked with this job was Marcelo. One look at the image and everyone knows Vignali had knocked the ball out of the park. THIS was THE BIRD.

Marcelo is hardly a single image craftsman. One look at both his image galleries proves that. However if you do come to the Combine Prerelease for Magic 2012 don’t forget to bring your Birds ;)

Marcelo Vignali’s Resources

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Mr. Vignali is married to Sherri Vignali, lives in Los Angeles and clearly enjoys all the benefits of a wonderful extended family. Please come meet this skilled creator and genuine nice guy at the Combine Prerelease for Magic 2012.

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